Friday, January 7, 2011

blogging on my phone.

Blogging on my phone seems 10 times easier than doing it on the laptop lol. Im too lazy to transfer over the damn pictures and then upload and blah blah. Lol

But i finally signed up for a gym..
Today i ran about 35 min and burned like 300 calories ;)
Did some leg excercises andd ab work. Ill work more on abs and arms tomorrow :) i cant wait to be fully fit and happy.

Running makes me clear my head.. but it always gives me a fat headache. Haha i dont know what it is. Plus i get like beet red and i get veery embarrassed but whatever im totally there to work out.. not look cute doing it :)

I got another long shift tomorrow. 11 to 8pm. I might go in a little later cuz i got some bills to take care of. Oh how much i despise u bills. I dont hate it asss much.. i kinda got used to it i guess.

Well goodnight world! Im gonna crash b4 im really hungry or sad :) i want to enjoy my sleep. I havent been getting much lately.<3
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